Recruiter Operating Principles

Pursuant to the Recruitment Partner Terms of Services, your appointment as a ReEcho Partner is subject to your strict adherence to these Operating Principles.

These Operating Principles are intended to guide the ReEcho Partner with respect to expected ongoing collaboration and professional conduct. Compliance with these Operating Principles is also a precondition for the ReEcho Partner to participate in incentives such as equity warrants and other investment instruments.

Any capitalised terms have the meaning given to them in the Recruitment Partner Terms of Services, unless stated otherwise.

I. Expected contribution

For the ReEcho Partner to remain eligible for the distribution to them of recruitment-related briefs and to receive the fullest net proceeds possible from those recruitment-related briefs, the ReEcho Partner needs to remain actively engaged at all times - this means, in addition to being openly willing to work on recruitment-related briefs at standard market rates, partaking in the ReEcho community and exchange in at least one of the ways described below.

  • (a) Partner-Referral - the ReEcho Partner shares, via the ReEcho exchange, surplus deal flow or mandates that they do not want to, or cannot, deliver on (e.g. they are a tech recruiter being asked to do marketing hires). This will allow not only for the ReEcho Partner to earn Partner-Referral Fees but also to expand the ReEcho exchange and keep our mutual businesses growing. 
  • (b) Expansion - the ReEcho Partner actively seeks opportunities to expand relationships with their clients and engage ReEcho for assistance with proposals and pitches, with the aim to earn Partner-Referral Fees (as described above). 
  • (c) Market Maker Referrals - the ReEcho Partner actively seeks opportunities to refer fellow recruiters to become ‘Market Makers’ of ReEcho (e.g. someone they know who is working for a large, existing recruitment firm (outside of ReEcho) and is interested in setting up on their own).
  • (d) Execution support - the ReEcho Partner engages ReEcho to manage all or part of their legal, invoicing and credit control processes, or through relying on the ReEcho research, execution and analysis (REA) team for support on research projects or other recruitment process management. 
  • (e) Capital  - the ReEcho Partner uses one of ReEcho’s lending products (in particular receivable financing or Early Drawdown of fees related to permanent hires).
  • (f) Generic legal type services - the ReEcho Partner relies on ReEcho for generic legal type services - this does not need to be recruitment related (e.g. commercial leases, contracts, disputes, etc.), or you refer ReEcho to individuals/businesses who are in need of such services.

II. Marketing

The ReEcho Partner must also be willing to take part in marketing and communications initiatives for the ReEcho exchange (such as, but not limited to, being interviewed for case studies or engaging with ReEcho’s social media posts on LinkedIn). 

III. Operational processes

  • (a) Real time update - should there be any changes in the ReEcho Partner’s bank details or your VAT status, you must notify ReEcho immediately. 
  • (b) Payments - all questions and requests regarding invoices and payments must go to Please refrain from contacting the ReEcho Partner Managers through other channels such as Whatsapp, Email, LinkedIn, etc. 

IV. Quality of service

The ReEcho Partner will act: 

  • in a way that upholds public trust and confidence in ReEcho and the services provided by the ReEcho Partners; 
  • with independence;
  • with professionalism; 
  • with honesty;
  • with integrity;
  • in a way that encourages equality, diversity and inclusion; 
  • as regards you / ReEcho and them, in the best interests of each candidate and client; and 
  • in a way which does not bring or risk bringing ReEcho or the other ReEcho Partners into disrepute. 

This includes, without limitation, through your internal communications, external communications and personal public social media accounts where you will not insult, harass, abuse, discriminate, provoke, defame or break any applicable law or regulation.

V. Examples of Encouraged Behaviours

  • (a) Stakeholder value - the purpose of coming together in the form of a business/market/deal is for the sum total of contributions to create greater value than individual achievement. This requires compassion, seeing others’ perspectives, and listening with the intent to understand. ReEcho’s participants approach relationships and corporate finance items such as negotiating fees in this manner. Value exceeding fees is a great business practice that builds trust.
  • (b) Intentions and actions - we need to, as a rule, ‘do what we say we will’ in order to cultivate trust. Proactive visibility yields critical feedback loops to safeguard this. As interdependent participants, ensuring progress is made visible to clients and stakeholders throughout a process is critical. To complement data, verbal and visual communications are crucial. 
  • (c) Communication - all correspondence from the ReEcho Partner to the ReEcho team, any Client and any other participant on the ReEcho Exchange is expected to be polite, professional and compassionate to their position, at all times. 
  • (d) Patience & pedagogy - learning and sharing learnings are paramount to value creation and creativity. No one is born knowing what EBITDA is. At ReEcho, the ability to learn and share learnings between participants is taken very seriously.

VI. Discouraged Behaviours

  • (a) Isolation - non-visible work does not constitute progress. ReEcho is practical and execution-focused with a strong bias for quick and iterative feedback loops. Albeit ReEcho appreciates great thinking, ideas in isolation that are not executed or adopted by stakeholders are just that - ideas. Note, ‘talk’ does not constitute results. 
  • (b) Literal versus conceptual - post-box behaviour results in ‘just following orders’ when processes go awry. Executing conceptual instructions requires studious effort and sharing drafts and first progress iterations to ensure directional alignment with stakeholders. 
  • (c) Busyness - ReEcho is always humbled by the responsiveness of some of the most prominent executives in this world. Albeit challenging, best efforts to get back to people that have put themselves out there in a genuine way to connect are strongly encouraged. 
  • (d) Breach of trust - Value extraction exceeding value add, which ranges from the obvious such as ‘intentions inconsistently matching actions’ and ‘ blaming and complaining’ when processes go awry, including the subtle, such as inconsistent messaging to different people (not the same as adjusting messaging to suit different audiences) and taking success or failure too personally (hubris).