What we mean by 'recruiter'
Even if you don’t identify as a professional recruiter, there’s a good chance you’ve acted as, or will one day act as, a ‘recruiter’ in one way shape or form - whether it's referring a friend to an opportunity,  CEO / founder hiring, investor introducing talent to its portfolio etc.

Great recruiters (internal and external, regardless of background, etc.) understand that the goal is to fundamentally help people find work and for employers to build great teams - all the numbers are a derivative from here.
How the labour market actually moves
A substantial portion of actual labour movement is initiated through human-to-human interaction, as opposed to as a result of job ads - this includes through recruiters, the demand for which is increasing.

In fact, reputable sources put the number of jobs that are not actually advertised as high as 80%.
The best recruiters will collaborate to match supply and demand
The recruitment market is very large and fragmented, with almost no barrier to entry. Although this means everyone is welcome, t has also created fierce competition between recruiters and consequently poor client and candidate experiences.

We always knew that the best recruiters focus on trust, value and interest alignment with their talent and clients above all else. If that means collaborating with other recruiters they are more than willing to do so - and so was born, the ReEcho Exchange