Introducing the ReEcho identity

1st November 2017
By Hanna Sanford

Over the past year we have seen an exciting increase in the number and variety of clients that are trusting us with business-critical matters – from pre-deal advisory and org design through to securing executive talent and building teams overseas. As a result, we decided it was about time to refresh our brand, to support the trajectory that our business is taking.

We want the name ReEcho to reflect where our business started – i.e. in data-driven, methodical and tailored search – whilst acknowledging the importance that we place on taking clients beyond our mutual existing networks.

We work in partnership with our clients to identify new ways in which hiring and strategic goals can be achieved. Our approach has not only facilitated greater diversity and culture-add but also co-learning and, ultimately, more effective growth.

We look forward to discussing our new brand with everyone over the coming days.

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