Business Development

Finding a top performing sales person is consistently ranked as one of the hardest hires to make, and the business-wide impact of having a non-performing sales or BD team can be immediate.

Hiring quickly in this area is even harder and attrition rates are high. With certain roles, the requirement can also be highly industry specific - e.g. certain tender processes can be complicated and time consuming, requiring true expert know-how.

The ReEcho experts have helped companies build effective sales and BD teams and greatly reduce attrition rates, including the hiring of the pivotal ‘Head of’ or ‘Director’ positions.

ReEcho has helped all kinds of businesses successfully navigate this hiring landscape.

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Recent hires with ReEcho
Sales Director
Head of Sales
Business Development Director
Business Development Manager
Head of Partnerships
VP Sales
Sales Strategy & Operations Lead
Sales Manager
Sales Executive
Commissions-Only Sales Consultant