The best recruiters rely on ReEcho for: 
Passive Income
Do you have strong existing client relationships? Perhaps your clients have hiring needs outside your expertise or at a scale that exceeds your current capacity. With the ReEcho Exchange you can avoid saying “no” and always service your clients to the fullest possible extent - and you’ll benefit from all additional recruitment fees.
Perhaps you’re new to the profession or it's just time to find some new recruitment work. Through the ReEcho Exchange you can help some of the most excitingcompanies in the world address their hiring needs and grow your own organic income as a result.
Research support
Could you do with some support when sourcing candidates or mapping the market? The ReEcho REA (Research, Execution and Analysis) team is dedicated to supporting you with all or any part of your processes - a service which can be scaled up or down as required.
Are you fed up of negotiating legal terms with clients? Perhaps invoicing and chasing payments is taking up too much of your time. Recruiters at all levels are relying on ReEcho Execution for comprehensive operational support - You recruit, and let ReEcho do the rest!
Are you looking for an easy-to-understand, cost-effective solution for paying your contractors? Perhaps you could do with accessing future placement fees early to even out those cashflows. Maybe you’re interested in setting up your own recruitment business but could do with some initial runway. ReEcho Lending provides a suite of financing products purpose-built for recruiters.

More details on how fees are distributed below:

Deal Originator Recruiter ReEcho
Researcher ReEcho REA ReEcho REA ReEcho REA Recruiter ReEcho REA Recruiter Recruiter
Process Manager Recruiter ReEcho REA
Relationship Manager Recruiter Recruiter ReEcho REA
Fee Split 75% Recruiter / 25% ReEcho 50% Recruiter / 50% ReEcho 25% Recruiter / 75% ReEcho 75% Recruiter / 25% ReEcho 25% Recruiter / 75% ReEcho 50% Recruiter / 50% ReEcho 25% Recruiter / 75% ReEcho
Who is it for Market Makers Market Makers in the Making Deal Makers
How it works
  • - ReEcho REA does research for Recruiter (mapping and outreaches)
  • - ReEcho REA does research (mapping and outreaches) and manages the process for Recruiter (screening, scheduling, etc.)
  • - Recruiter is hands-off with the deal and receive passive income. ReEcho REA will take care of the rest.
  • - ReEcho will entrust the management of the client and the full process to Recruiter.
  • - ReEcho will entrust the management of the client to Recruiter.
  • - A REA Associate will support Recruiter on research and process management.
  • - ReEcho will entrust the sourcing and the management of the process to Recruiter.
  • - ReEcho will provide Recruiter with immersive training to build solid foundations in recruitment.
  • - ReEcho will entrust research to Recruiter.
  • - ReEcho will provide Recruiter with immersive training to build solid foundations in recruitment.
When could this be of value to a Recruiter Recruiter requires support on research without the fixed cost / financial risk of hiring a researcher. Recruiter requires support on research and process management without the fixed cost / financial risk of hiring a junior recruiter. Recruiter has excess deal flow that they do not want to manage but still want to deliver on to maintain the relationship with the client for future purposes. Recruiter has solid experience working in recruitment and recently went independent. While their business development engine is taking off, they can further build their reputation by servicing ReEcho originated deals. Recruiter is not from a recruitment background originally and would like to become a Market Maker and just need a place to start.
Code of Conduct
Access to the ReEcho Exchange is subject to the below.
You will deliver your services with reasonable care and skill.
You will act:

- in a way that upholds public trust and confidence in ReEcho and the services provided by the ReEcho Recruitment Partners;
- with independence;
- with professionalism;
- with honesty;
- with integrity;
- in a way that encourages equality, diversity and inclusion;
- as regards you / ReEcho and them, in the best interests of each candidate and client;
- and in a way which does not bring or risk bringing ReEcho or the other ReEcho Recruitment Partners into disrepute.

This includes, without limitation, through your internal communications, external communications and personal public social media accounts where you will not insult, harass, abuse, discriminate, provoke, defame or break any applicable law or regulation.
We would encourage the following behaviours:

Value and Customer Focus - the purpose of coming together in the form of a business is so that the sum total of the contributions create more value than each individual would be able to achieve on their own. This is how we approach the relationships to one another, our customers and stakeholders and items such as pay, company valuation and share option allocations. This requires a great level of compassion, seeing things from the perspective of others and actively listening with the intent to truly understand. In a customer context in particular, we always want value creation to exceed what we get in return. Why? It is the best way to do business, builds trust and loyalty.

Proactiveness and Visibility - managing pursuant to agreed milestones helps us be proactive and create visibility in relation to each other. This means one does not take things up to the final deadline if they can avoid it. One communicates on timings, keeping others abreast of progress versus plan across all aspects of a recruitment process.

Patience & Pedagogy - learning is one of the most important things in today’s world, as is teaching. At ReEcho we take the ability to learn and teach seriously and expect all to contribute.