Use Cases

On the ReEcho Exchange there are 30+ certified ‘market makers’, providing access to 8000+ secondary recruiters, and many more community contributors. These members provide highly specialised recruitment expertise within the fields of engineering, product, design, marketing, operations, finance, HR, recruitment and legal, from junior levels through to the C-suite. 

The most exciting businesses in the world, from pre-seed through to global publicly listed companies, rely on the ReEcho REA (Research, Execution and Analysis) team to engage the ReEcho Exchange for: 
Predictable Hiring
Demand is efficiently matched with supply in the first curated and regulated recruitment exchange of its kind.
Lower Costs
Our holistic approach to Pricing ensures hiring plans can be met on time with a lower average cost of hire.
We are experts in finding the best recruiters for your hiring needs and ensuring they interact with you in the way you want - and we'll take care of all contracts and payments so you don’t have to.


We believe that pricing in the external recruitment market is broken. As a result, businesses regularly overpay for hires, fail to make important hires or a combination of the two.  A high % of salary or day-rate applied to all roles is not necessarily the answer, nor is an all-encompassing monthly fixed fee. 

We work with businesses to take a holistic approach to their recruitment budgets with 2 key factors in mind: 
  1. Difficulty of each Hire - each vacancy can either be defined as being a “Structurally Challenged” or a “Non-Structurally Challenged” 
  2. Recruiter Relationship - businesses will prefer to engage recruiters in a relationship the nature of which falls on a spectrum from “Unilateral” to a “Bilateral”. 
The type and amount of recruitment budget required to successfully complete a hire on time can be determined, with accuracy, depending on the output of these two factors. 

Non-Structurally Challenged Hire

Structurally Challenged Hire

The ReEcho pricing model ensures overarching hiring plans can be met on time with a substantially lower average cost of hire. Example - in the UK, mid-market, permanent recruitment briefs tend to price between 15 and 20% of salary. Through the ReEcho Exchange, the recruitment fee for an equivalent brief is currently between 6-12% of salary.