Lorenzo Franzi
A previous client and long standing ally of ReEcho, Lorenzo is now a Partner at Global Founders Capital and a Founding Partner at Flash Ventures. Prior to this, he was Founder & CEO at Zipjet, spent his early career in DCM at JPM followed by McKinsey and completed an INSEAD MBA. Lorenzo is an experienced startup angel investor and advisor. 
Thibault Lancksweert
A client and long standing ally of ReEcho, Thibault is the Founder and Co-CEO of Kennek, a vertically integrated solution that enables lenders and loan investors to operate smartly and cost-efficiently. Prior to this, Thibault was Managing Director at Aeon Investments, CFO/COO at SME Capital, spent his early career in investment banking (Credit Suisse followed by Barclays) and completed an INSEAD MBA. 
Matt Brown
Matt is an experienced entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the CEO of Openline, a platform that makes it easy for IT teams to monitor and manage their customer communications tools in one place. Prior to this, Matt was the global VP of Product at Voxbone (acquired by Bandwidth for $519.4m) where he launched and scaled their Enterprise Communications platform in 38 countries.
Ana Castrillon
Ana is an experienced entrepreneur and marketing leader. She is Head of Marketing at Toku, a company that creates bespoke cloud communications solutions for businesses looking to build better customer experiences. Prior to this, she worked at leading tech businesses including Figma, Zendesk, and Voxbone where she was Head of Brand Marketing. 
Peter Gutierrez
Peter is a highly experienced CEO, NED and advisor. He was originally placed through the ReEcho Exchange as CEO for a prominent UHNW’s portfolio company. Prior to this, he held numerous c-level positions within the PepsiCo portfolio. In addition to his track record and great network, Peter is a phenomenal sounding board for the ReEcho management team.