The talent industry is unnecessarily fragmented. ReEcho offers a new approach.

ReEcho focuses on assignments that drive sustainable growth

It could be filling a CxO or other senior position, building a team with specific expertise or expanding internationally. We do not turn down assignments on the basis of seniority of the positions you are hiring for. We thrive on eliminating your need to manage multiple talent providers across all levels, saving you time and increasing the speed and quality of your hires.

ReEcho gives you access to market-beating partnerships

We have spent many years negotiating partnerships with leading specialist talent platforms and providers. If required, we can engage all or some of them on your assignment and manage the entire process to completion, within a fixed budget. You can therefore take comfort that all relevant avenues are being covered, while dealing with only one point of contact.

ReEcho can help with all aspects of your talent strategy

In addition to sourcing talent, we can help you with organisational design, the creation of hiring plans and establishing / managing internal systems and processes. We also regularly assist with share options / equity schemes, offer letters, employment contracts and other legal-type requirements, giving you the competitive edge of speed when it comes to getting the perfect individuals over the line.

ReEcho goes beyond the existing network

We do not believe that relying on an existing ‘network’ is enough in the fast-moving world in which we work. Instead, we think outside the box when it comes to engaging the best and most difficult to find talent. In addition to our network, we use a range of alternative and sector-specific channels and processes on each assignment we work on.

ReEcho provides a data-driven and tailored solution

Having joined us from a variety of professional industries, our team can offer a deep understanding of data analytics, computer science, finance and transaction management, and ultimately provide you with a solution that is bespoke to your needs.