Helping people connect with their purpose in the world

This is our mission and it hasn’t changed since we started. With a modern workforce increasingly focused on doing something they love, it's now more important than ever. Everybody deserves more human, valuable hiring experiences.

How do we make your job search suck less?

We aren't new in town

5 years creating better hiring experiences

ReEcho started life in 2015 as a way to fund Hanna (our founder)’s yoga teacher training. It went very well (the recruitment, not so much the yoga teaching...). We quietly built an inclusive and highly effective recruitment exchange between talent, our recruiter partners and amazing businesses - offline, until now.

Through the years, we heard first hand of you not hearing back on your other applications, fake job ads, unrealistic job requirements, ridiculously long processes, trust abuse, and the list goes on... It’s clear to us that a major lack of confidence in recruitment and hiring now exists. And we’re here to fix it, at scale, because no other ATS, vertical marketplace, chat bot, robot or job board aggregator is doing so (trust us we’ve used them all).

Bringing the human touch back to hiring

We believe that hiring is about human connection - this will never change. But we can cleverly leverage technology to give talent the valuable experiences they deserve, at scale (this is what we do).

The ReEcho platform brings talent, top rated recruiters and employers together, all in one place, our focus being restoring trust, eliminating fragmented communications, providing talent access to the hidden opportunities (that they do not find on job boards) and filling roles as quickly and successfully as possible. ReEcho is inclusive. All are welcome.

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